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Peru: Delays will not affect avocado volume, but extend the campaign
Peru: Delays will not affect avocado volume, but extend the campaign

Peruvian avocado exports have been significantly delayed by recent rains, causing a noteworthy increase in prices.

"We are currently exporting about 100 containers per week, when in peak times we ship up to 300. This obviously has resulted in increased prices and there are many unscrupulous people who are exporting fruit with dry matter levels below 21.5%," explains Arturo Medina Castro, of ProHass.
This practice obviously undermines the fruit's quality and taste, as pointed out by member of ProHass, which represents growers accounting for over 70% of the country's exported fruit, and who have made a commitment to protect consumers and will only export fruit with a percentage of dry matter of at least 22.5%.
"Naturally, prices will not stay at the current level when Peru starts shipping larger volumes, but if we do not ship quality fruit, prices will fall even further. We firmly believe that exporting good fruit is what we must do if we want to protect the market," affirms Arturo.
Sources of ProHass report that the delay has not affected the expected export volume, which will amount to around 190,000 tonnes. Shipments in 2015 will be distributed as follows: 90,000 tonnes to Europe, 80,000 tonnes to the United States and about 20,000 to Chile, Canada, Central America and Asia.
"We are arranging the shipments ourselves, since we do not want any markets to be oversupplied. Our partners are thus committed to extending the harvest for a few weeks, which will result in the Peruvian campaign lasting until mid-September," concludes Arturo.
World Avocado Congress 2015
For the tasks of promotion and support to the avocado industry, ProHass is organising the WORLD AVOCADO CONGRESS 2015, which will be held from 13 to 18 September in the city of Lima.
"We are working hard on the congress together with great technicians and specialists in the field. At this point, I can only confirm that we are organising a first class congress," affirms Arturo.
The organisers have reported that, at the request of many interested parties, they have extended the deadline to apply to take part in the congress with a presentation until late April.
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