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Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

The Dragon fruit is exactly of the Hycocereus undatus family, thus making it one of the extensive red dragon fruit in asian region. Typically, the fruit has red squash, or red flesh. The fruit originates from the dragon fruit cactus plant, which is usually appears like as vines

In Detail

Taste-Dragon fruit tastes wonderfull which is sweet and crunchy, with a flavor that resembles both kiwi and pear, a cross of both... Inside, the texture is like a cross between a thin melon and a pear, but scattered with tiny crunchy seeds, like a kiwi. The taste is also fairly melon-like, in that it is bland.

Appearance- Selecting the fruit is very simple, simply look for full-bodied, full colored fruits.It actually looks like a wild dragon, with lots of untidy overflowing branches, parallel to the dragon wings, scales or hairs. The fruit itself does look like one too. This fruit originated from Mexico to northern South America. This is the common white dragon. It is one of the three main species of dragon fruit. The other two looking of the fruit is the red flesh and the uncommon, yellow skin/white flesh. This is the common white dragon. It is one of the three main species of dragon fruit. The other two looking of the fruit is the red flesh and the uncommon, yellow skin/white flesh. There are a variety of cultivars of dragon fruit and since they do look alike to a layman, I will just put them under their colour classifications

Nutrition of Dragon Fruit

Current Facts:
Dragon fruits are highly concerted with Vitamin C, minerals and high fiber content. The following table shows a quality nutritional value of the dragonfruit.. Mainly, these nutrients are crucial and known world over for the antioxidants they possess which usually helps in the prevention of the formation of free radical that cause cancer.

Dragon fruits are high in antioxidants, which help to fight carcinogenic free-radicals from the body. In addition, they are a good source of Vitamin C, and are wealthy in minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus. They are also low in calories and high in fiber, while the seeds have high polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Health benefits of Dragon Fruit

The health benefits of Dragon Fruit (health benefits of pitaya fruit or health benefits of pitahaya fruit) are many, and all you need to do to reap the benefit of dragon fruit nutrients is to eat the fruit! By eating the highly nutritional pitaya fruit, you gain all of the general health benefits of the pitaya nutrients, simply because pitaya fruit is a great all around healthy fruit to eat with lots of beneficial nutrients which are readily metabolized from the natural pitahaya fruit (For example, dragon fruit vitamin C is more easily absorbed than vitamin C from a pill supplement). Lots of vitamin C is in dragon fruit. Remember the amount of vitamin C in dragon fruit dried will be about 10x the amount of vitamin C in dragon fruit which is fresh (on gram for gram basis).

Nutritive Value of Dragon Fruit

Fruit comparison tables. Overview of vitamin and mineral content including nutrition charts of the Dragin Fruits.

Nutritive value per 100 g of Dragon

Principcle Nutrition value
Total Fat 0.61g
Protein 0.229g
Ashes 0.68g
Water 83.0g
Potassium 436 mg
Calcium 8.8 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Dietary Fiber 0.9 g
Calories 99 g
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